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Who We Are The National Academy of Continuing Legal Education is a provider of accredited continuing legal education courses throughout the United States. From its inception, the Academy has been firmly committed to addressing the needs of attorneys and has positioned itself as a leading provider of cost-effective and time-efficient continuing legal education courses. In addition to live seminars, NACLE provides full course credit via Website/Online, DVD, Audio CD and CD-ROM depending on the respective state. Our Accreditation The National Academy of Continuing Legal Education offers continuing legal education (CLE) courses in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Many states will allow attorneys to receive CLE credit by listening to courses approved in one of these states through reciprocity. Please speak with your state's board of CLE to ensure that they will accept credit from an out of state provider if not listed above. If you would like to view documentation regarding a specific states accreditation please contact us via email at or call toll free at 1-866-466-2253. Hardship Application The National Academy believes that all attorneys should be able to access quality continuing legal education, even if they are experiencing a financial hardship. We encourage any attorney who has such a need to complete our Hardship Application Form. You may also contact us at 866-466-2253, if you have any additional questions about our hardship policy. About Our Library Since its inception, the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education has developed an extensive library of courses that are both educational and stimulating. While our programs may be utilized for continuing legal education credit, they are also a valuable source of knowledge that are a superb addition to any law library. Our talented network of instructors are experts in their fields. They have produced a fascinating array of courses in a variety of legal subjects, including: Alternative Dispute Resolution Art Law Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights Business Law Constitutional Law Contract Law Corporate Law Criminal Law E Discovery Employment Law Energy Law Ethics and Specialty Family Law Finance and Banking Government and Military Immigration Law Insurance Law Intellectual Property International Law Litigation Media and Advertising Medical Law Personal Injury Real Estate Securities Social Media Sports and Entertainment Taxation Trial Skills Trusts and Estates Workers Compensation Get your credits efficiently If you have just realized that you need to complete your credit in the very near future, DON'T PANIC. We can help you get the courses that you need and the forms completed in days - not weeks or months. Don't spend hours or days at live programs - we give you three ways to listen to our courses: Website/Online, DVD, Audio CD, and CD-ROM. Pick the format that works for you and listen when and where you like. After completing your course, you can log into your account, submit your affidavit then instantly receive your certified copy. Spend less and get more We have priced all of our courses to fit your budget. You get quality programs, interesting and useful topics, dynamic speakers and supplemental documents and outlines. With top legal scholars, students and practitioners from 12 research-based institutions, NACLE aims to increase the quality of legal education and cooperation between public and private sectors in the member countries. Through annual conferences, student exchanges and academic paper competitions, NACLE creates for the North American legal community an opportunity to learn and better understand neighboring legal systems. As some of the top legal experts in North America, NACLE members have expertise in international trade, environmental, intellectual property, family and comparative law. Participating faculty and students actively pursue opportunities to conduct joint research projects and foster working relationships with leaders in both the private and public sectors. NACLE supports interscholastic faculty exchanges, cooperation in curricular development, summer study, access to library resources, annual research workshops and joint publications. Faculty interaction truly broadens the depth of students’ legal education.
Course Title CEUs Required (Hours) Cost Date Added
Online Course: A Look Forward at the Reverse Mortgage Industry: What an Attorney Needs to Know 2.2 $50 15/08/2017

This course earns different CEU hours depending on your state: AK (1.75) AZ (1.75) CA (1.75) CO (2) CT (1.75) GA (1.9) HI (1.75) IL (1.75) MO (2) NJ (2.2) NY (2) PA (1.5) TN (1.75) VI (1.75) Description The fact that America is aging is not news, nor is it surprising. Experts have been […]

Online Course: A Legal Guide to Introducing International Products and Services to the U.S. Market 2.5 $50 15/08/2017

This course earns different CEU hours depending on your state: AK (2) AZ (2) CA (2) CO (2.5) CT (2) FL (2.5) GA (2) IL (2) IN (2.1) MO (2.5) MS (2) NH (2) NJ (2.5) NM (2) NV (2) NY (2.5) OR (2) PA (2) TN (2) VA (2) VI (2) WA (2) WV […]

Online Course: A Lawyer’s Guide to Theatre Production 3 $50 15/08/2017

This course earns different CEU hours depending on your state: AK (2.5) AZ (2.5) CA (2.5) CO (3) CT (2.5) GA (2.5) HI (2.5) IL (2.5) MO (3) NJ (3) NY (3) PA (2.5) TN (2.5) VI (2.5) Description Donald C. Farber has been practicing Entertainment Law for over 50 years. His vast experience in […]

Online Course: A Guide to Ethical Billing Practices and Retainer Agreements 1.2 $50 15/08/2017

This course earns different CEU hours depending on your state: AK (1) AZ (1) CA (1) CO (1) CT (1) GA (1) HI (1) IL (1) MO (1) MS (1) NJ (1.2) NM (1) NY (1) PA (1) TN (1) VI (1) WA (1) Description Attorney client relationships are based on many factors, but underlying […]

Online Course: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Courthouse 1.6 $50 15/08/2017

This course earns different CEU hours depending on your state: AK (1.25) AZ (1.25) CA (1.25) CO (1.5) CT (1.25) GA (1.2) HI (1.25) IL (1.25) MO (1.5) NJ (1.6) NY (1.5) PA (1) TN (1.25) VI (1.25) Description Do you need to substantiate anything in that very funny commercial you are planning? It is […]

Online Course: 3 Ways to Create More Favorable Case Outcomes with E-Discovery Principles 1 $50 15/08/2017

This course is awarded different hours depending on your state: AK (1) AZ (0.75) CA (1) CO (1) CT (1) HI (1) IL (1) MO (1) MS (0.9) NH (0.9) NJ (1) NM (1) NV (1) NY (1) PA (1) TN (0.9) VI (1) WA (1) Description Both a shield and a sword, e-discovery is […]

Online Course: E-Discovery Case Law Review 1 $50 15/08/2017

This course earns variable credit in different states: AK (1) AZ (1) CA (1) CO (1) CT (1) GA (0.9) IL (0.75) MO (1) NH (0.9) NJ (1) NV (1) NY (1) PA (1) TN (0.9) VI (1) Description In this CLE program, three e-discovery thought leaders, including one chief district judge and one Fortune […]

Online Course: Litigation Cost and E-Discovery Trends 1 $50 15/08/2017

Variable CEU credit depending on your state: AK (1) AZ (0.75) CA (1) CO (1) CT (1) GA (0.8) HI (1) IL (0.75) MO (1) NH (0.8) NJ (1) NV (1) NY (1) PA (1) TN (0.8) VI (1) Description  In this CLE program, a panel of experts will review key findings from recent reports […]

Online Course: Labor & Employment Law Update 1.5 $50 15/08/2017

Different credit hours for different states: Pennsylvania: 1.5 Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, New Mexico, Virgin Islands, Washington:1.75 Colorado, Missouri, New Jersey, New York: 2 Description Labor and employment law is an ever evolving field. This CLE course will offer the latest updates and development in both local and federal laws which relate to independent […]

Online Course: #You’re Fired @Will: Social Media and Employment Law 1 $50 15/08/2017

This course is worth 1.2 hours in New Jersey and West Virginia. Description Employees talk about everything on social media. Their supervisors. Their clients. The pitch they worked on all night. While many of these comments are harmless, some violate workplace rules or threaten company interests. But disciplining employee social media communications is not as […]