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Founded in 1997 as Medical Education Systems, Inc. one of the earliest online nursing CEU providers to offer a robust selection of online and print classes, today MedEdSys almost 100 classes for a variety of healthcare professionals. The private, minority- and women-owned continuing education company is located in Historic Old Town San Diego. MedEdSys has an experienced staff of carefully screened, credentialed authors who create custom CEU courses for MedEdSys based on the most recent healthcare information available. The mission of Medical Education Systems, Inc. is to provide quality educational programs for allied health professionals to enhance their skills; knowledge in their chosen profession and to assist those seeking license renewal. We approach our activities with a deep sense of purpose and responsibility in accordance with the highest standards of accountability. Our program objectives in continuing education are designed to strengthen the healthcare professional's skill by providing established clinical practice standards as well as updates and changes in trends, issues, techniques, laws and regulations to better serve and protect the public. These program's curricular objectives are to improve: • Awareness of legal, equipment, protocol, environmental and other critical changes • Understanding and/or clarifications of misconceptions • Reduction of possible liabilities and risk factors • Respect for ethical and honest practice • Comprehensive of responsibilities and obligations • Expansion in previously acquired skills • Introduction and utilization of new skills • We are dedicated to help individuals meet their educational/professional needs and goals through distance learning. We provide students with the highest quality distance learning accredited courses and assistance available anywhere. Our purpose motto is to help individuals succeed while meeting their career goals in their chosen profession. To help them achieve these goals we provide distance learning activities that meet and exceed today's industry standards. We provide student support services that are designed to help the attendee through any difficulties they may encounter in the course or their studies, with the philosophy "If the student succeeds, MES is a success".
Course Title CEUs Required (Hours) Cost Date Added
Online Course: Guillain-Barre Syndrome 6 $24 22/07/2019

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:   Identify the meaning and clinical implications of the term Guillain-Barré syndrome   Identify the symptoms and causes of Guillain-Barré syndrome   Identify how Guillain-Barré syndrome is diagnosed and treated   Identify the prognosis of persons with Guillain-Barré syndrome       Introduction What […]

Online Course: Cultural Influences on Infant Sleep 4 $24 21/07/2019

Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:   Identify what constitutes “normal, healthy and desirable” infant sleep   When was the importance of local cultural influences values on infant and childhood sleep first discovered and by whom   Describe the critical relationship between the cultural ideologies that underlie sleep […]

Online Course: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 3 $24 21/07/2019

  Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:   Describe what is meant by “carbon monoxide” poisoning List the possible causes of “carbon monoxide” poisoning Identify the various treatments for “carbon monoxide” poisoning List the toxic elements of carbon monoxide      

Online Course: Asbestos Toxicity 4 $24 21/07/2019

Goals and Objectives The goal of the CEU is to increase the primary care provider’s knowledge of hazardous substances in the environment and to aid in the evaluation of potentially exposed patients. After completion of this course, the reader should be able to explain why asbestos may be a health hazard, describe the factors contributing […]

Online Course: Primer on Basic Concepts of ECG 3 $24 21/07/2019

Electrocardiogram interpretation is an invaluable clinical skill that is taught in many different ways at across the country. It is often informal and clinicians are expected to “pick it up” as they see patients on the wards and in clinics. There are many “courses” which can be purchased off the shelves at the bookstore -some […]

Online Course: Narcolepsy 6 $24 21/07/2019

Learning Objectives   Define what is meant by the term “narcolepsy”   Identify the ways in which narcolepsy is diagnosed   Identify the etiology of narcolepsy   List the various ways in which narcolepsy can be treated   List the medications most frequently used in association with narcolepsy   Identify occupational and social accommodations for […]

Online Course: Sleep GRD 3 $24 21/07/2019

Upon successfully completing this continuing education course, you should be able to:   Define Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, discussing its major features   Describe the connection between GRD and sleep disorders   Identify possible treatments for GRD, with an eye to reducing sleep disruption       Introduction In the recent past, sleep’s implications for the […]

Online Course: CPAP Titration 5 $24 21/07/2019

Learning Objectives   Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:   Define what is meant by Daytime CPAP Titration   Compare results of patients who receive a regular nocturnal CPAP titration with patients who receive a daytime CPAP titration.   Explain the purpose of daytime CPAP titration     Introduction   […]

Online Course: ICU Crisis Management 15 $24 21/07/2019

Upon completion of this section, given an open-book, multiple-choice exam, you will be able to apply the information learned to correctly answer a minimum of 80% of the test items.  Successful completion of this exam will require you to have mastered the following learning objectives:   Discuss the goals of the critical care areas.   […]

Online Course: Respiratory Diseases 15 $24 19/07/2019

Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to: Differentiate between the various chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Differentiate between the various restrictive pulmonary diseases. Describe the pathophysiology of the infectious respiratory disease processes. Discuss the pathophysiology of pulmonary embolic disease. Summarize the effects of pulmonary pathology due to trauma.