Specialized Physical Therapy Can Ease Pregnancy Damage

It’s a sad commentary that in the U.S., post-partum women are told that their wrecked and ravaged bodies are the price they have to pay for bearing children and that they need to learn to live with their new normal. This is not the case in France and other European countries where “perineal reeducation” is a standard part of post-partum care.

A handful of pioneers are trying to change this country’s pathetic status quo. One of them is Mieke Haeck, a Belgian-trained physical therapist practicing in central Pennsylvania.

In a recent article in Pennsylvania Business Central, Haeck said, “Too often women just accept the occasional leaking when they cough, sneeze or exercise.’ Low back pain, pelvic pain and pain during sex become the new normal after the baby’s arrival.

“Thankfully, more and more studies show that physical therapy can be extremely helpful to women suffering from these problems. In fact, in many European countries pelvic floor rehab is part of standardized care after having a baby. Pelvic physical therapists are experts in the areas of a woman’s body most associated with childbirth — everything from the vagina, to the core muscles, to the pelvis and the spine.”

Not every physical therapist is well-versed in pregnancy changes. It requires additional continuing education coursework after obtaining one’s license. But Haeck is determined to educate women about what physical therapy can do for them before, during, and after pregnancy. And the results can be astonishing.

Perineal training can also make a practice more marketable. Half of the population are women, 35% of them will give birth during their lives, and few of them escape pregnancy unscathed. That’s a lot of potential to tap and a lot of good to do.

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