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Online Course: Evolving Real Estate Finance Laws: What You Need to Know 2 $26 Online N/A This real estate online course examines the development of federally regulated consumer protection provisions relating to home ownership, including TILA, Regulation Z, HELCPA and HOEPA. Covered is a discussion of the changes to HOEPA in the Dodd-Frank Act, including expanded triggers for determining whether a mortgage transaction falls under HOEPA, and the additional lender […]

Online Course: Qualifying the Buyer Under New Regulations 3 $31 Online N/A This must-have online course addresses the fundamental role of real estate agents in the mortgage lending process. With so many changes affecting the ability of potential homebuyers to obtain loans, it is imperative for real estate agents to understand the complexities of today’s market. This real estate continuing education online course discusses how to […]

Online Course: Ethics: Disclosure and Cooperation 4 $35 Online N/A From the ethical responsibilities of agents involving disclosures to ethical issues relating to compensation, this practical course explores the challenges involved in ethical decision-making. Ethics: Disclosure and Cooperation takes a practical look at considerations involved in making ethical business decisions as well as the process of enforcing the Code of Ethics. The Ethics: Disclosure […]

Online Course: Introduction to Brokerage Management 4 $35 Online N/A Are you ready to take on the leading role as managing broker? In today’s results-focused workplace, you need a solid understanding of management functions, the importance of strategic thinking, and how to analyze the financial condition of the company. If you want to build your leadership role and lead your company to a winning […]

Online Course: Real Estate Law 4 $35 Online N/A In a struggling real estate market, clients often look for someone to blame for their financial difficulties. Often it is the real estate licensee. Therefore, it is more important than ever for licensees to understand the law as it applies to the practice of real estate. Covered topics in this real estate continuing education […]

Online Course: People Management in Real Estate 4 $35 Online N/A How do you successfully recruit and hire new agents? How do you retain good people once you get them? The answer to both these questions is the same – it’s about people management. Explore the fundamentals of attracting and recruiting new real estate agents to your firm. Identify the training needs of new and […]

Online Course: Ethics: Pricing, Offers and Advertising 4 $35 Online N/A In day-to-day real estate transactions, real estate professionals are forced to make decisions that require ethical reasoning. Ethics: Pricing, Offers and Advertising explores the agent’s obligation to protect a client’s interest, plus looks at an agent’s duties with regard to advertising himself/herself and a property. This must-have guide serves as a blueprint for providing […]

Online Course: Minimizing Risk with Effective Practices 4 $35 Online N/A There’s no question about it: In today’s real estate environment, knowing how to avoid legal problems is essential. This must-have real estate CE online course provides an overview of how to minimize your liability. You’ll learn about the importance of establishing agency policies, developing effective marketing and advertising practices, effective anti-discrimination practices, plus how […]

Online Course: Listing and Selling HUD Homes 4 $35 Online N/A With more than 40,000 HUD homes available annually, it is important for licenses to understand how the HUD selling process works. This online course teaches licensees how homes enter the HUD home selling market, and how licensees and HUD contractors (field service managers and asset managers) interact within a HUD transaction. Discussed are HUD’s […]

Online Course: Leading and Communicating Effectively 4 $35 Online N/A Do you know how to influence, transform and inspire others? This real estate continuing education course is packed with powerful information and ideas to help you improve your leadership skills! Explore different types of authority, examine ways to build a company image and reputation, discover the most effective communication styles, find out the essential […]