School Nurses Go Back to School

The age of pasting bandages on scraped knees are over. Today’s school nurses are often the first, and sometimes only, resource for young people who need medical, mental health, and social services. And continuing nursing education is one of the ways nurses can learn these mad skills.

To brush up on 21st century school nursing, Texas sent hundreds of school nurses back to school this summer at the University of Texas at Austin.

According to an article on, this course was in response to a 2015 survey that asked in what areas school nurses wanted more training. “We spent a lot of time talking to the school nurses and asking them what they wanted.” The responses were strongly in “mental and behavioral health, diabetes care, and hands-on refreshers [in medically fragile skills] like cleaning and modifying tracheostomies.”

“School nurses are often the first to diagnose chronic issues, like vision, back or cardiac problems, and because they don’t have doctors on site, they have to do it all…School nurses also have to be on the cutting edge when it comes to cyberbullying and other reasons kids can develop anxiety, depression and stress…School nurses are the ones seeing the kids every day…They have the relationships with those kids who are coming in their office.”

So the next time you meet a school nurse, thank her or him for being the kids’ safety net.

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