Postbac Programs Are Excellent Prep for an SLP MS

A lot of us went to college, got a bachelor’s degree in something liberal artsy (ahem, art history anyone?), and wandered off into the world at 22 still not knowing what we wanted to be when we grew up. The luckiest ones quickly fell into careers they enjoyed. More of us jumped around until we stumbled onto THE THING WE LOVE.

If your professional passion is something that requires a specialized master’s degree like speech language therapy, and you have no practical preparation for that course of study, it may behoove you to get a quick postbaccalaureate certificate.

According to an article in USNews, these programs are gaining in popularity.

“Similar to graduate certificate programs, postbacs can give workers an opportunity to build career skills in their current job and get a taste of the graduate school experience without the significant time and money commitment required for a master’s degree program. Unlike graduate certificates, postbac programs may award students academic credit at the undergraduate level, graduate level or a mix of both. The certificates can also help students transition into new careers.”

The amount of time it takes depends on how many credits you can carry per term and how big of a knowledge gap you need to fill. If you haven’t taken  science course since high school and you want to become a microbiologist, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time in the lab. If you’re just brushing up your current knowledge and study skills, you can finish in one or two semesters.

Going back to school is never easy (been there, done that), but it is always rewarding. If it leads to down a career path that you love, it is entirely worth it. A postbac can be the key to getting there.

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