Online CNE Helps Nurses Avoid on-the-Job Injuries

Americans are getting heavier. As a result, damage from over-exertion accounts for 45% of all hospital workers’ occupational injuries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in 2015 that nurses were in the top six occupations likely to experience musculoskeletal disorders

To avoid this, The Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace is offering a new, online, free continuing nursing education course that aims to teach nurses and others who physically manipulate patients how to do so safely.

According to Safety and Health Magazine, “Ergonomics in Healthcare includes learning modules, case studies, videos, reference materials and guidelines for reducing injuries incurred while treating patients. The program discusses ergonomic risk factors in health care settings – including workstation layout and weight of handled objects – and ways employers can manage them.”

Nurses are encouraged in the CNE not only to advocate for themselves, but also for overall safer working conditions for all.

For more information about continuing nursing education classes, please visit CEU Market.


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