How to Hit a Home Run at a Career Fair

If you’re shy or an introvert, calling and networking and just generally finding a job can be the absolute worst part of working. Fortunately, career fairs are a target-rich environment where you can hit lots of potential employers at once. And bonus – you already know they’re hiring!

Our friends at posted some great advice on how to maximize these brief but promising encounters:

  • Do your research ahead of time. Know which companies will be there and which of those would be a good fit for you (rank them based on your personal criteria). If you can, find out who they’re sending to represent them and a little bit about that person, “I went to Boston College, too!”
  • Practice, practice, practice! This means your 90-second elevator pitch, as well as answers to potential preliminary interview questions. Go online to research what they might ask you, and rehearse your answers with a friend. Be prepared to talk about your training, experience, the continuing nursing education classes you’ve taken, etc.
  • Triple-check your resume for accuracy and have twice as many copies as you think you’ll need. Keep them in an easily accessible folder or envelope so they don’t get mungled in your bag.
  • Don’t bring friends. This is a job hunt, not a social event. Meet your posse for cocktails afterward.
  • Dress for the job above the job you want. This doesn’t mean scrubs, it means professional, conservative business attire.
  • Behave as if you are on an interview from the time you walk out of your home. That guy you cut off in traffic? That woman you hip-checked as you dashed to the elevator? They recognized you when you approached their recruiting desks and tossed your resume into the recycle bin. Likewise, leave the gum and insecure body language at home. You are a healing god(dess). Own it.

Good luck! You’ve got this!

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