Get Answers to Questions about Healthcare Licensure and Regulations

Tri-state (and just to be clear, in this case it’s Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York – we know, “tri-state” varies based on where you live) area nurses will have a unique opportunity this spring to learn about the ins and outs of malpractice, licensure, and advocacy from a local nurse/attorney.

Misericordia University in Dallas, PA is offering an evening program titled “Professional Licensure Essentials: Protecting Your Livelihood,” with Edie Brous, Esq., P.C., on Monday, April 16 from 6-8 p.m. Ms. Brous is both a registered nurse and a licensed attorney. According to the Misericordia press release:

“The program features three components that address misperceptions about licensure and regulation, common causes of licensure discipline, and licensure protection strategies, and will provide valuable information that is relevant to all licensed health care professionals. The presentation will include an interactive lecture followed by a question-and-answer session.”

Navigating licenure and continuing education questions can be a sticky wicket, even for the most experienced of health care professionals, including nurses. Changing laws and standards, not to mention turf wars, can be baffling for someone who is just trying to do their job. Ms. Brous will tackle some of these questions and be open to a Q&A session afterward.

Some continuing education credit is available for attending the program. For more information about this, or the program itself, please click on the link above.

For more information about continuing education for nurses or other healthcare professionals, please visit CEU Market.

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