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Profession Jurisdiction Online Hours Req. License Period Specific Content Req. Regulatory Body
Certified-public-accountants Virginia 120 3 Year 2 hrs. in ethics annually; initial license requires reporting 40 hrs. annually;thereafter every 3 years. http://www.boa.virginia.gov

In most states, CEU activities can be taken online, through audio tapes and disks, or in person. Self-study and readings may also be used to satisfy part of the CEU requirements. Courses or study generally cover ethics, legal theory, professionalism, substance abuse, metal illness, or other topics as dictated by the state and outlined above. We list courses for all subject matters relative to qualifying courses for CEU your state.

Experienced accountants may also receive credit for a speaking or teaching engagement at an accredited program, for moderating or participating in a panel presentation at an accredited activity, or for teaching law courses at an ABA accredited law school. There is often credit available for prepping law students or judging law competitions.

CEU Market provides continuing education support for accountants that is the broadest and the most comprehensive available, and ensures that the courses offered meet state and federal licensing requirements.

In addition, the record keeping offered by CEU Market provides the maximum support available including:

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It is important that you, as an accountant, be certain that the CEU credit you earn is provided by an accredited provider. CEU Market ensures this is the case for any course you take that is supplied or listed by us.



Course TitleCEU HoursCostDate AvailableLocation
101: Adaptive Servoventilation3$2401/24/2018N/A
Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • List the advantages of Adaptive-Servo Ventilation
  • Compare the benefits patients receive with CSA-CSR treatment with ASV those received with CPAP.
  • Describe the connections between sleep studies, daytime sleepiness, respiratory function, and cardiovascular assessment
(28 pages)